Monday, September 28, 2009


A few of Jonah's new sentences:

"See Mama." I want to see Mama.
"Eh. Two. Zoo. Saw." I saw two elephants at the zoo.
"Fire. Side. Saw." I saw a firetruck outside.
"Mama hitah." Mama sit so I can nurse.
"Side!" I want to nurse on the other side. Or ... let's go outside.
"Jo-Jo Daddy hug." Jonah wants to give Daddy a hug.
"Pete hug." I want to hug Pete.
"Hug." Give me a hug. I want to give you a hug.
"Two moo. Saw." I saw two cows.
"See moo." I want to see the cows.
"Max cruck!" I am going to play with trucks at Max's house.
"Pete weow." Pete said meow.
"Fammy weow." Sammy said meow.
"Bahboo hit." I want to hit the ball.
"Bahboo kick." I want to kick the ball.
"Bahboo frow." I want to throw the ball.
"Neeni hobum." Neeni's (Auntie Dani's) house. I like Neeni's house. I remember Neeni's house. I want to go to Neeni's house.
"Dada wawa." I remember swimming in the water with Dahlia.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


It has never been more obvious to me that Jonah is going through some major developmental milestones. His language is exploding, and he is getting stronger and more agile. The other day, he climbed up to the highest rung on the playground equipment pretty much by himself. It made me proud but it was also a little terrifying since I was spotting him in a place that felt just a little too high for me to feel like I had 100% control over him if he were to lose his grip. But, I talked him through the descent, and luckily he let go a little lower down. So, now he's a climber. He also has more and more new words every day. Tonight, at dinner, he was saying one of his new favorites over and over. "Seeeeeee-sawwwwww ... seeeeee-sawwwwwww ... seeeeeeeee-sawwwwww," he sang, tilting his head side to side and tipping his fork up and down, just like a see-saw. One of my favorite new things to do is to ask him, "Jonah, how old are you going to be?" "TWO!" he says. He seems to be really energized by all the things going on in his body and brain, too. Despite having a cold for the last couple of days, he played soccer in the park pretty much all afternoon today, kicking and running, kicking and running, and even throwing and catching (sometimes). He also loves taking roll call. "Mama!" "Daddy!" "Jo-jo!" "Neeni!" And, lately he has added some new "mystery" names, like "Didi!" "Dodo!" We wonder who Didi and Dodo are. Jonah hasn't yet told us. There's so much more to tell, but so little time to write, with all this exploding going on. He's just a few months away from 2, and he is racing to it as fast as he can, and all we can do is try to keep up. ~ Nicole