Friday, September 26, 2008

A very good day

Today was a good day.

Jonah's cold is almost gone -- his nose has stopped running. He took two good naps in his crib today. (Hallelujah!) He was cheerful, as usual, all day. Despite the rain this morning, we took a nice walk outdoors. I clipped most of his nails while sitting on the front stoop watching the trucks, buses and doggies. I didn't freak out when I nipped his skin.

He had a good check-up at the pediatrician, weighing in at 19 pounds, 4 ounces. His development is perfect and he is exceptionally healthy. We got the green light to add some exciting new foods to his diet. And, I think I let go of my irrational paranoina about him weaning too early if I feed him too much food. He cried a little when he got his shots but he recovered quickly, and he got to play with all kinds of fun toys at the doctor's office.

Matthew got home from work early after a very busy week. We spent some time at the playground and Jonah climbed some steps and watched some older kids, seeming to soak it all in.

Jonah and I spent most of the day alone together and I realized that I didn't feel lonely. In fact, it was quite the opposite. Jonah is very good company.

Things change every day, but we seem to finally be settling into a nice routine. I am starting to learn the truth in "this, too, shall pass." ~ Nicole

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Eight years

Married eight years now. We still read our wedding vows every year. We still buy each other cards on our anniversary. But, tonight, we ate dinner in instead of out at a nice restaurant. Takeout. After putting Jonah to bed. He has a cold. Or, at least a stuffy nose. It could be a rough night. The poor little guy is restless. We will take turns tending to him. We won't get much sleep. But, I will remember tomorrow that tonight was perfect. My little family tucked in for the night. In our little home. Snug. Happy. Content. I couldn't think of anywhere in the world I would rather be. I'm so in love. ~ Nicole

Thursday, September 4, 2008

What I did on my summer vacation

We traveled a lot with Jonah in August. First, a week on the Cape followed by a few days at Pepe's house. Then, a few weeks later, Jonah and I spent almost two weeks at Pepe's while Matthew flew out to Denver for work and then joined us over Labor Day weekend.

Here's some of what I did, a not all-inclusive list, in no particular order:

Held my breath to hide my fear of Jonah's first dip in the ocean with Matthew. Jonah loved it. Matthew held him tight. And, I then breathed.

Watched Jonah's face light up when Pepe took him swimming in the pool. Learned not to hover.

Took a swim in the bay with Matthew, just the two of us, while Mia and Rosie watched over Jonah as he slept on a towel on the beach.

Got a luxuriously relaxing facial in a salon overlooking the Saw Mill River next to the Book Mill, then lingered over a (decaf) coffee before returning home to my baby.

Had some much-needed retail therapy with Debbie in Provincetown while Matthew and the guys hung out with Jonah.

Drove Jonah from Turners to Hadley and back in a failed attempt to get him to take a nap in the car.

Sweated my ass off and got a sunburn as I walked miles and miles in the midday sun while Jonah napped in his stroller.

Drove to Bellows Falls, VT while thirsty, hungry, had a headache and had to pee so Jonah would keep napping.

Counted the days and then the minutes until Matthew got back from working in Denver.
Acquired piles and piles of "new" clothes, books and toys for Jonah, from the N. Truro dump, thrift stores and other baby friends.

Went tag-saling with my dad and Jonah.

Ate a gourmet, home-cooked meal every night on the Cape, thanks to Debbie "it's so easy" Kates. Plus, homemade dessert!

Watched Jonah learn how to army crawl.

Watched Jonah really crawl on hands and knees for the first time.

Watched Jonah master crawling.

Watched Jonah pull himself up to standing.

Marveled at how Jonah quickly learned about the birdies on Pepe's singing clock.

With Matthew's help, succesfully changed one of Jonah's most poopy diapers on a picnic bench in Provincetown while waiting for our lunch.

Let my sister babysit Jonah, walk him in the stroller for his naps, give him a bottle and even take him in the car by herself so she could show him off to her co-workers. Noticed she looked a little tired by the end of that day.

Felt thankful that Ken was around to help. To help us drive to Massachusetts. To feed Jonah his baby food when I was too tired. To drive Jonah around for his naps. To entertain Jonah, and to photograph him so Matthew could see what he was up to while he was away.

Stole a few moments of time alone lying by the pool.

Bought US magazine for the first time in 8 months.

Finished reading Mother Shock by Andrea Buchanan.

Took every one of my showers on the Cape in the outdoor shower.

Enjoyed a small glass of beer every night on the Cape.

Delighted Jonah's interaction with his cousin, Hugo, and his friend, Jack.

Met Rex the day after he came into the world!

Taught everyone who entered Pepe's house how to step lightly while Jonah slept downstairs.

Looked for Matthew on TV during Obama's acceptance speech.

Noticed how quickly Jonah remembered his family even though he hadn't seen them in a while. How he calms down in Meme's arms, how he giggles at Papa Bill, how Papa Tom pretends to eat him just like Matthew does, how he bounces up and down when he sees Auntie Dani and Uncle Marc, how his eyes get wide with happiness at the sight of Auntie Jen, how he often barely notices Auntie Eliza and Uncle Gerard because he's way too excited to see his cousin, Hugo.

Called Matthew many times while he was working when I thought I was at my breaking point.

Felt bitter about having to take care of Jonah all alone.

Felt thankful that I had family and friends to help me.

Wondered how single moms do it.

Imagined what it would be like to move back home. ~ Nicole